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Today, digital networks are almost universal, but computer fraudsters are becoming ever more innovative. Usually, cyber attacks aim to access, change or destroy confidential or sensitive information. Alternatively, they may attempt to extort money from users or interrupt business processes.

As a result, protecting IT systems from threats matters, at least as much as safeguarding smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops with strong passwords. As distinct from physical security measures, cybersecurity refers to information security and the protection of networked computers from cyber attacks. When we consider the disastrous consequences of unauthorised network access and the possibly embarrassing loss of privacy, the importance of adequate cybersecurity is self-evident.


Threat Types

Threats include scams, or the infiltration of a computer network – usually to perpetrate fraud. In this context, malware is a type of software designed to gain unauthorised access or to cause damage to networked computers. Phishing attacks are also common; these scams use fraudulent emails that resemble reputable sources and aim to steal personal data.

Similarly, ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a file without the owner’s prior knowledge or permission, thereby inhibiting access. Unfortunately, even the payment of demanded ransom monies does not guarantee data recovery or system restoration. Therefore this makes protection from such threats paramount.

Some anti-ransomware and anti-malware systems focus on blocking the offending code on inception, while others employ grey lists to detect suspicious behaviour. Such defences need regular updates to keep up with ever-changing cybersecurity threats. However, implementing effective cybersecurity to counter such risks can be challenging – especially without the right expertise. Cybercall can offer complete solutions to minimise threats and take the strain away from managing IT security.


Protecting Your Systems

Businesses should adopt multiple layers of protection that complement each other, within a planned, proactive framework. Measures include secure email, the latest firewalls, DNS (Domain Name Server) filtering, anti-virus software and anti-malware packages.

If your organisation has been subject to computer fraud or scams, we can help. Here at CyberCall, our experienced IT professionals offer you rapid and efficient problem resolution. Our top priority is to secure any infiltrated system(s), along with associated files and data, before cleaning up and removing further threats. To reduce risk and prevent further infiltration, we also provide highly effective ongoing support.

If you would like to discuss cybersecurity, prevent fraud or remove threats, we invite you to rely on our decade of combined experience in the latest computer forensics and penetration techniques. Contact us here to get started and secure your business systems today.


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